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Student Spotlight

Haroula (Rou) Tzamaras

Junior, Mechanical Engineering, Minor in International Engineering

  • University Honors College
  • Flexus: The Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans Women in Engineering Living & Learning Community
  • QUEST Honors Program: Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams

student profile Haroula TzamarasInternational Activities

Summer 2014

In July of 2014 before my freshman year I participated in Terrapin Take-Off. It was a 3-credit course titled “Engineering Grand Challenges, A View from Germany” that took place in Munich and Berlin. I was so inspired by the class that I decided to add International Engineering as a minor before the end of my freshman year. 

Summer 2015

During July of 2015 I returned to Germany for the same class, but this time as a teaching assistant. It was a very different experience, but very helpful for my leadership development. That summer in June, I also participated in a two-week study abroad in Greece studying culture and taking a language course. 

Winterterm 2016

In January of 2016, I spent three weeks in Sydney, Australia taking ENES472, International Business Cultures in Engineering and Technology.

Spring 2017

Currently, I am studying abroad for a full semester in Singapore, Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. Doing a full semester is a very different feeling from doing a short-term study abroad; I feel like I can fully immerse myself in the culture more than I could in a few weeks.

Leadership Activities

Currently I am abroad so I am not active in my leadership activities. I have held several positions in the Clark school. I was the chair of the Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board, a co-founder of Women in Engineering Leadership Development, and a student representative for the mechanical engineering undergraduate committee. I also acted as a SEEDS mentor, a Clark School Ambassador, and secretary of Pi Tau Sigma, the mechanical engineering honor society. Additionally, I was a mentor for the QUEST honors program, and worked on the Curriculum Review Committee to help decide which electives would be offered for students in the program. 

Student Profile Haroula Tzamaras in SingaporeInternships

The summer of 2016 I worked for GE Aviation as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern. I had the chance to work on a scope of projects ranging from design engineering to manufacturing engineering to lean manufacturing. I could see efficiency increases as a direct result of my work, which was neat. The best thing that I got out of my internship was skill development in CATIA, technical writing, engineering trouble shooting, and six sigma. In the summer of 2017 I will be working for ARUP in Washington D.C. as a Grade 1 Mechanical Engineer Intern. 

Career Goals and Ambitions

I am not sure exactly what I want to do with engineering yet. My experiences and what I enjoy within the field are so broad; I am finding research and internships to explore my options. I know for sure that I want to work for an international company. Ideally, I will get a design position with a company that will allow me to transfer to an international office. I am planning to spend three to five years working abroad after I graduate. Working internationally is a dream of mine because I feel like it will be one of my best chances to fully experience the world. What I have learned so far during my semester abroad is that one cannot fully understand another culture unless they have lived in it. I hope to widen my global understanding and mindset, and never stop learning about the world. 

Favorite Aspect of International & Leadership Programs in the Clark School

I love the Clark School. I feel like there is always an undiscovered opportunity waiting for me somewhere, and it keeps my life exciting. My favorite aspect of participating in these programs is the people. Between the advisors and the students, there is always someone with an interesting story to tell. I have learned so much from the people around me, and my experiences with them in college are shaping me into the person I will be when I graduate. The International and Leadership Programs in the Clark School have been a huge part of my life in college. I am so grateful for everything that they have given me.