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International Interns Financing and Pay Schedule

Students must provide documentation of adequate financial resources for their internship period, which is currently set at $1500 USD for each month of the internship. The common methods of financing include:

  • Payments from the project funds of the inviting professor.
  • The intern must demonstrate that funds are available (from a personal bank account or other source).

Pay Schedule for Interns in the Exchange Visitor Intern Program

EVIP interns will receive a stipend of $8,000 (USD) during his/her stay at University of Maryland. You will receive a statement when you arrive telling you the dates which you will be paid. The paychecks will spread over a period of 10 pay periods. After receiving the first check you will receive a check every two weeks until the entire $8,000 is paid. Adjustments will be made on your last paycheck to reach the agreed upon amount. Students should come with enough savings for the first few weeks - this is the time needed to process the students into the University's personnel system or network. The cost of living is expensive in this area. Although the money you are paid goes a long way towards covering your expenses, you must have savings or funds from home as well. Also, your final paycheck will be given to you several weeks before you return home, so you must budget accordingly to prevent being short of money for the last month you are here.

Vacation/Sick Leave Policy for Interns in the Exchange Visitor Intern Program

The purpose of the EVIP is two-fold - work/study and experiencing the American Culture. Students who come to us through this program are here for six months, but are only technically working for five months total. During the six month period, the interns are entitled to a maximum of 20 days to visit sites and engage in activities in the USA or to use in case of illness. The guidelines for handling this is to observe all the University holidays during this time, some of which are provided in addition to their total leave (please see link for the holiday schedule, below). Taking leave during the visit requires a common sense approach of flexibility, understanding and responsibility in coordination with advisors.

2016-2018 Holiday Schedule


Participants in the internship programs must reside off-campus. Some interns may be able take over the apartment or house left available by students who are finished with their internships and are returning to Germany. Others must find alternate housing. Finding a place within walking or biking distance to campus is ideal. Other good options can be found on routes served by the university's shuttle bus service (please note that in some locations, shuttle service is the summer is limited). The University of Maryland Off-Campus Housing Service has information on local rentals. 

Please contact Ms. Jane Fines ( Director of International and Leadership Programs, for more information.