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Mathias KoepkeEngineering has become more and more a matter of international collaboration. In a global economy, an engineer must be able to use foreign languages and be prepared to work in different cultural and economic work environments. This experience, learning about other people's structures of working and thinking, can readily be obtained outside university studies via an internship in a foreign country. 

The University of Maryland, together with other engineering schools worldwide, has instituted a research internship program. The basic aim of this program is to give international students the opportunity to participate in research activities in engineering laboratories at Maryland. 

Goals for the Research Internship

  • Work on engineering level. The intern will gain insight into technical areas that match the future requirements of a young engineer. This means being challenged up to the limits of ones knowledge and skills.
  • Insight into industrial or semi-industrial work methods with active involvement and participation. The intern must learn to work under time constraints in order to be successful, and to be responsible for results.
  • Qualified supervision. As a young engineer working in new fields, the intern needs competent supervisors who are available for mentoring.
  • Learning and practicing a common foreign language. Good knowledge of the language of the host country is a basic requirement for working on a project abroad, to better meet the culture and understand the behavior and thinking of the people. It is also necessary for deepening personal relationships.

Exchange Visitor Intern Program

The Exchange Visitor Intern Program (EVIP) is a 6-month research internship program with a competitive application process.  The program dates are typically March 1 to August 31 and September 1 to February 28 each year. Students admitted to the EVIP receive a stipend to assist with living expenses during the internship as well as up to 20 days of leave for vacation (or illness) to travel and participate in cultural activities. Students must be nominated by their home institution for consideration in this program. Do not send unsolicited resumes. Typically, 8-15 internships are available each term through this program. Application deadlines are mid-October for the Spring/Summer term and mid-March for the Fall/Winter term.

Research Internship

Internship placements are available in most engineering departments. The research internships can be from three weeks to twelve months in length and the start/stop dates are flexible based on the student's and/or faculty supervisor's schedule.  Research internship typically provide no financial support so students must provide their own financial resources.   Students should start the application process for a research internship at least six months prior to their proposed start date.

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Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, has a rich and vibrant history. Established in 1894 at a time when the world was awakening to the need for technology advancement and the necessary role engineers would play, engineering has developed into a show-piece of the University of Maryland. As it was a century ago, the need for engineers to design and create the technology of the future is still strong. With its three-pronged mission of education, research and service, the Glenn L. Martin Institute of Technology and the A. James Clark School of Engineering continue to fulfill the goals set more than 100 years ago. Today, the Clark School is one of the largest and most respected engineering schools in the United States. It ranks seventeenth among engineering schools in US News and World Report ©, and among the top 10 in several categories such as total research funding and number of PhDs per faculty.

The College of Engineering offers its own cooperative education program for students who want to earn the degree of Bachelor of Science after four years of study and the Master's degree after two additional years. The College of Engineering is divided into the following departments:

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