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In a recent study of employers and what skills they are most looking for in college student, the following landed in the top 10:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility/adaptability

Engineering leadership opportunities are designed to promote student leadership development and enhance the skills employers are most looking for.  The following leadership opportunities are an excellent way of enhancing your leadership skills.

Co-Curricular Engineering Leadership Workshops

Throughout the year, you will receive emails about leadership opportunities well suited for engineering students.  In addition, you can request to have staff from the Office of International & Leadership Programs tailor a leadership workshop for your group.  The staff is trained in MBTI (personality indicator), True Colors (leadership assessment tool), and StrengthsQuest (leadership assessment tool) and have expertise in group and organizational development.  Contact Ramsey Jabaji at to set up a meeting to discuss possibilities.

Campus Leadership Opportunities

One of the best ways to enhance your leadership skills is to practice engaging in leadership.  Student led organizations are a perfect way of practicing leadership.  Explore the following:

Engineering Student Organizations

Campus Organizations

Coursework in Leadership

The A. James Clark School of Engineering offers a Minor in Engineering Leadership Development.  In addition, students not enrolled in the Minor may take advantage of several courses in engineering leadership.  Visit the coursework page for more information.