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Study Abroad FAQ

You will certainly have questions along the way.  Many of your questions may be answered here.  If not, be sure to email

Q1.    What are the different types of study abroad programs?
A1.    Visit the Study Abroad Programs section of this site.

Q2.    Do I have to know a foreign language to study abroad?
A2.    No, most programs offer coursework in English.  Even in countries where English is not the first language, coursework is offered in English and an optional “survival course” in the native language will likely be offered before the start of the semester.  The MyEA application should indicate the language of instruction.

Q3.    What is the minimum GPA I need to go abroad?
A3.    For most programs (including all exchange programs) the minimum GPA requirement is 3.0.  In some special cases students with a GPA slightly below 3.0 will be considered.  There are a limited number of programs with a GPA requirement below 3.0.

Q4.    How early should I apply for a VISA and/or Passport?
A4.    You should apply for a VISA as soon as you are accepted and have received all necessary documentation to complete the application.  It is a good idea to apply for a passport as soon as you decide to study abroad.  Typically a passport can be processed in 4-6 weeks.  For an additional fee and effort this process can be expedited.  Please visit the U.S. Passport website for additional details.

Q5.    What should I consider before choosing a program?
A5.   a.  How long are you looking to study abroad for?
         b.    What region do you prefer?
         c.    What are your financial considerations?
         d.    What special considerations for study abroad are associated with your major?

Q6.    Will I fall behind in my 4 year plan if I study abroad?
A6.    Ideally, no.  With proper research and planning students should be able to maintain their four year plan.  By moving courses around between semesters and planning ahead most students are able to stay on track without very much difficulty.

Q7.    How do I transfer my credits from abroad to UMD?
A7.    Credit transfer depends on the type of program.  Students will get all of their courses (and corresponding credits) approved to transfer back before they leave by UMD faculty.  Typically courses will transfer credits back on a pass fail basis.   

Q8.    What are the requirements for completing a minor in international engineering?
A8.    Visit the Coursework & Minor section of this site.

Q9.    What if I do not want to study abroad for a whole semester?
A9.    There are many short term programs available during summer term and winter term.  Please visit Maryland Short-term Programs to explore your options.

Q10.    I want to study abroad more than a year from now, what should I do?
A10.    Become familiar with the types or programs, attend an upcoming information session, meet with a study abroad advisor and begin to research programs that you are interested in.

Q11.    Will my financial aid still apply towards my study abroad tuition/fees?
A11.    In most cases, yes.  In addition to this many scholarships are available to help students fund study abroad.  Students will have an opportunity to apply to some of these scholarships while completing their MyEA application.  All students are encouraged to actively seek out all scholarship opportunities available to them.